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The Kenilworth Drurys

Index of Detail Pages for Kenilworth Drury Family Members

NAMEDate of Birth Date of Death Father's Name Spouse
Joseph Druryn/k1703n/kAlice Cheslin
John Drury16561730Joseph Drury (d.1703)Lydia Hill
Richard Drury16621729Joseph Drury (d.1703)Mary ?
Joseph Drury16871746John Drury (b.1656)Doris ?
Richard Drury17001760Richard Drury (b.1662)Elizabeth ?
James Drury1710n/kJohn Drury (b.1656)Sarah ?
Joseph Drury17351819Joseph Drury (b.1687)Hannah Woods
Joseph Drury17731823Joseph Drury (b.1735)Ann Heath
James Drury17791859Joseph Drury (b.1773)Ann ?
Joseph Drury17981852Joseph Drury (b.1773)Edith ? / 
Elizabeth Trunkfield
William Drury18011870Joseph Drury (b.1773)Ann Morgan
Thomas Drury18031883Joseph Drury (b.1773)n/k
Richard Drury18061862Joseph Drury (b.1773)n/k
Edmond Drury18101874Joseph Drury (b.1773)n/k
William Drury18201887Joseph Drury (b.1798)Hannah Eaves
Joseph Drury1849<1904William Drury (b.1820)Sarah Smith
Joseph Drury18801949Joseph Drury (b.1849)Elsie Crofts
Reginald Drury19181980Joseph Drury (b.1880)Vera Hilton
Raymond Drury1946Reginald Drury (b.1918)Sally Hannam
Derek Drury1953Reginald Drury (b.1918)Susan Gilbert
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