Kenilworth Drury Family  
of Kenilworth  

John Drury
b.1656      d.1730
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The eldest son of Joseph and Alice was John Drury. He was christened on 8th. May 1656 at St. Nicholas Church Kenilworth (Ref:5).

The vicar of Kenilworth mentions in his long text, the various owners of the Manor of Kenilworth and that he had a long dispute with the Lady of the Manor, Lady Countess Dowager of Denbigh. Having read the vicar's account it is then somewhat disconcerting to find that a survey of the manor in 1692 was carried out by Earl Clarendon, a figure who is never mentioned by the vicar. The explanation is that the manor formed part of the estates of Lord Cary, Earl of Monmouth, granted to him from King Charles I. Upon his death this estate passed to his daughters, who subsequently sub-let it to Earl of Clarendon.

The survey (Ref:38) is contained in a bound volume ..... more

Marriage Details:
John married Lydia Hill from Warwick at St.Nicholas Church Kenilworth on 3rd. October 1686 (Ref:12)
Children Details:
Joseph c.16/10/1687m.n/kd.29/01/1746
John c.20/02/1688m.n/kd.n/k
Patience c.01/09/1691m.n/kd.n/k
Daniel c.02/02/1696m.n/kd.12/09/1717
Benjamin c.02/02/1698m.n/kd.21/10/1745?
Elizabeth c.20/02/1700m.30/05/1724d.16/01/1789
Robert* c.14/11/1703m.n/kd.31/03/1748
Joanna c.10/05/1706m.n/kd.31/03/1707
Joanna c.08/08/1708m.n/kd.n/k
James c.18/01/1710m.n/kd.n/k

* Robert is thought not to have married and spent his life farming the area around Kenilworth. He is shown in the Kenilworth Augmentation as paying a charge of 0s. 4d. for land rented in 1746 (Ref:49)


Documents / Pictures:

Map of Earl Clarendons Survey 1692
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Earl Clarendons Survey 1692
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