Kenilworth Drury Family  
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Richard Drury
b.1662     d.1729
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William Best, vicar of St. Nicholas Church Kenilworth 1690-1720, was at supporter of King Charles I and all that he stood for. His dislike of Cromwell and his men was clearly shown in his 'Survey of the Church' written in 1714 (Ref:06) and in it he refers to Joseph Drury, our Cromwell soldier, as 'a dissentor from the church'

Joseph had seven sons but only three are known to have survived to reach manhood. It would appear from the entries made in the Parish Registers that all but one of them, Richard, made amends and returned to religious and God fearing ways of the English Church. Richard, however, seems to have remained outside of the church and the births of his children, although recorded by vicar, were listed without Christian names in a section under the heading 'Dissentors' (Ref:05)........ more

Marriage Details:

The marriage of Richard to Mary was not recorded in the Kenilworth Parish Registers but she is mentioned in the records kept of the children of 'Dissentors' , and it is known that Richard and Mary had least six children (Ref:05). Mary is thought to have died in childbirth of their last child on 16th. June 1709 (Ref: 20).

Children Details:
Daughter b.17/07/1695m.n/kd.n/k
Daughter b.06/03/1698m.n/kd.n/k
Son * b.15/03/1700m.n/kd.13/02/1760
James b.11/05/1703m.n/kd.n/k
Benjamin b.03/05/1705m.n/kd.21/05/1745
John b.14/06/1709m.n/kd.14/06/1709

* Son later found to be called Richard - see Line of the Dissenter


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