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Joseph Drury

b. 1849   d. c.1904

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Joseph, the only son of William and Hannah to survive to manhood, was born on 4th. March 1849 (Ref:01).

Joseph, the only son of William and Hannah to survive to manhood, was born on 4th. March 1849 (Ref:01). He was present in the 1851 census at the age of 4, together with his parents and younger brother, living in Albion Row, Kenilworth (Ref:57).

Joseph married Sarah Smith on 9th. July 1876 at St.Nicholas Church, Kenilworth (Ref:08). He is listed as a farm labourer on the marriage certificate, but is also known to have worked on the railway in Kenilworth. The family also owned a shop in Kenilworth which was to become the subject of a bitter row between the sons in later years. Joseph and Sarah lived in Mill End, probably with her parents (Ref:02) (Ref:59).

According to the granddaughter of Joseph, Mrs. Dorothy Barnett (ne. Drury), he deserted the family in 1880/81 and emigrated to Canada to join relatives there. Unfortunately, little else is known about his life but it is thought that he died before 1904 as he is shown as deceased on his daughter's marriage certificate (Ref:07)

After his departure the family continued to live in Kenilworth and Sarah lived with a WiIIiam Bannard, a widower, who already had two sons, Charles and Edward. It is not known if Sarah and William married, but it seems likely as Sarah was buried as Sarah Bannard on 5th February 1910 (Ref:73) and William Bannard on 8th. April 1914 (Ref:73).

Charles Bannard was killed in the First World War in 1915. Edward lived with his wife Esther at Little Virginia in Kenilworth.

Joseph married Sarah Smith on 9th. July 1876 (Ref:08)

Joseph and Sarah had three children as follows:

Susan Marion b. 12th. August 1877 (Ref:02)
She married Arthur Frank Yardley at St. Nicholas Church on 22nd. May 1904 (Ref:07). He was a toolmaker by trade and they lived in Albion St. Kenilworth. She is shown in the 1881 census at the age of 4 staying with her grandparents William and Susan Smith (Ref:59).

William Thomas b. 13th. October 1878 (Ref:02).
When his mother died in 1910, he claimed the family business as his and denied any part of it to his brother or sister. He claimed that neither of the other children were Drury's. However, examination of birth certificates shows that both children were registered as children of Joseph Drury and it is likely that this story was put forward in order to claim the inheritance.
The brothers rarely spoke to each other after, but William is known to have attended his brother's funeral in 1949. William died in 1951.

William married Elsie Clarke b.1885 d.1953 and they had four children as shown below.

James William Drury b.1906 d.1970.
Elsie Winifred Drury b.1908 d.1962.
Edward Lewis Drury b.1911 d.1973.
Dorothy Drury b.1914. married Mr. Barnett and still lives in Kenilworth.
Joseph Drury b.1880 d.1949

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