Kenilworth Drury Family  
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Richard Drury
b.1700     d.1760
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Richard Drury was born 17th. March 1700 and was the first son of Richard and Mary Drury. He was not baptized, being of dissenter descent but despite this, was to become a well respected member of the village of Kenilworth. His father was a baker in Kenilworth and Richard took on the business after his father's death in 1729 and prospered.

Little is known of his first wife, Rose, except that she died 1742 (Ref: 19). Richard was to remarry to Elizabeth at a date so far unknown and it is impossible to tell which of the four children were children of which mother except that their only son, Richard, was the son of Elizabeth (Ref: RD10)....... more

Marriage Details:
Richard was married to Rose who dies in 1742 (Ref: 19) - nothing else is known about this marriage.
He later married Elizabeth but again no details of the marriage are know at this time.
Children Details:
Elizabeth c.n/km.1770d.n/k
Mary c.n/km.n/kd.n/k
Hannah c.n/km.n/kd.n/k
Richard c.1751m.n/kd.1819

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