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James Drury

b. 1710   d. ??

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James was born on 18th. January 1710 and was the youngest child of John (b.1656)  and Lydia Hill.

 Little is known about him only that he moved from Kenilworth to nearby Charlecote and investigation of the Parish Records of Charelcote indicate that he probably moved there prior to 1737 (Ref:74). The Christening Register for Charelcote show entries for several children of a Sarah and James Drury between the years of 1737 and 1753 but no entries prior to 1737

He is known to have leased land from the Lucy Family of Charlecote in 1754 and again in 1775 (Ref:26) and is listed as a husbandman thereon. He had a son James who married a Sarah Garlick in 1775 at Charelcote. No further entries in the Charlecote registers are found after 1787.

No details have been found about the marriage of James to Sarah.

Thomas (c.18/09/1737)   (m.n/k)   (d.n/k)
James * (c.22/06/1740)   (m.29/09/1775)   (d.n/k)
John (c.08/10/1742)   (m.n/k)   (d.n/k)
Charles (c.30/04/1745)   (m.n/k)   (d.n/k)
William (c.11/04/1748)   (m.n/k)   (d.n/k)
Hannah (c.05/10/1750)   (m.n/k)   (d.n/k)
Richard (c.01/11/1753)   (m.n/k)   (d.n/k)

* James is known to have married a Sarah in 1775 and they had four children:
Sarah (c.1776) / James (c.1777) / John (c.1778) / William (c.1787).
There are currently no further details of this branch.

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