Kenilworth Drury Family  
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Joseph Drury
b.1735     d.1819
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Joseph, the second son of Joseph and Doris, was born in 1735 (Ref:17) and christened 15th. June 1744 (Ref:04). He would have been 20 years old when the Enclosure Awards for Kenilworth were passed in 1756. The landscape of parishes enclosed by Parliamentary Act is usually very orderly and the large regular, fields of 10 to 20 acres, divided by hedges of hawthorn together with regular plantings of EIm or Oak, are still a characteristic of English countryside despite the post-war change to arable farming and the degradations of Dutch Elm disease.

There were four main objects behind enclosure. Firstly, it made arable farming more efficient by consolidation of farm units. Secondly, it increased the land under cultivation by the inclusion of commons and wastes, and the elimination of fallow fields substantially increased cultivable land within in any one year.

This can clearly be seen on the map of Enclosure Awards (Ref:60)....... more.

Marriage Details:
Joseph married Hannah Wood at St. Nicholas Church Kenilworth on 4th. December 1766 (Ref:31)
Children Details:
Dority c.18/03/1772m.n/kd.n/k
Joseph * c.29/06/1773m.12/06/1797d.24/12/1823
Elizabeth c.26/07/1775m.n/kd.24/09/1775
Hannah c.12/10/1776m.n/kd.02/06/1777

* Joseph was the only son of Joseph and Hannah and after marrying in Kenilworth,to Ann Heath on 12th. July 1797 (Ref:31), he departed for Canada, taking with him two of his sons. Having set up home in Canada he was to send for the rest of the family, however, he was killed in a blizzard before he had chance to send for the remaining family. Without any money to obtain a passage to Canada, his wife and family had to remain in England.

This resulted in two families, one English and one Canadian. The Canadian Adventure is told in Joseph Drury (b.1773) details.

At home, in England, there remained the eldest son of Joseph and Ann, Joseph, and he became the head of the family in England in his father's absence, eventually carrying on the English line of the Kenilworth Drury Family.


Documents / Pictures:

Enclosure Awards Map 1756
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Lease for Oddiborne Common 1777
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