Kenilworth Drury Family  
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Joseph Drury
b.1773      d.1823
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Joseph, the son of Joseph and Hannah, was born on 29th. July 1773 (Ref:01) and married Ann Heath at St. Nicholas church Kenilworth. The couple had eight children as shown below.

Joseph was a wool comber by trade and was apprenticed on 29th. July 1773, at the age of 20, to Robert Warrington of Coventry (Ref:63). The wool industry was changing rapidly at this time as more and more machines were being introduced to do labour intensive work and when Joseph completed his apprenticeship the future must have appeared bleak. There was a large amount of unrest ....... more

Marriage Details:
Joseph married Ann Heath on 12th. July 1797 at St. Nicholas Church Kenilworth. (Ref: 31)
Children Details:
Joseph c.01/07/1798m.n/kd.02/08/1852
James c.29/09/1799m.1801d.15/02/1859
William ** c.08/11/1801m.n/kd.n/k
Thomas *** c.18/12/1803m.1826d.29/04/1883
Richard *** c.04/05/1806m.04/04/1831d.19/12/1862
Ann c.22/05/1808m.n/kd.n/k
Edmund *** c.17/06/1810m.n/kd.26/01/1874
Elizabeth c.18/10/1812m.n/kd.n/k

** Nothing is really known about William, however, there was a William Drury who was convicted at Warwick Assizes and sentenced to be deported to Australia for life. The William referred to was deported to Australia in 1819 - I wonder if it was the same one ?

*** Thomas, Richard and Edmund all emigrated to Canada during the early 1800's together with their father Joseph.

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