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James Drury

b. 1799   d. 1859

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James the second son of Joseph and Ann, was born on 29th. September 1799 (Ref:01).

James and his brother Joseph (b.1798) were left behind in England when his Father emigrated to Canada and times must have been very hard at times. In 1821, James is seen at the Michaelmas Assizes in Warwick (Ref:28) for assaulting a Tax Collector.

James was a comb maker, like his brother, and was married to Ann (b.1801) (Ref:16), however we have no details of the marriage. He appears to have changed occupation during later life as he is shown as a grocer in the 1841 census return (Ref:85).

James Drury is shown in the Manor Court Rolls from 1834 through to his death on 15th February 1859 (Ref:16). He is also shown in the Kenilworth rate books paying rates for a house and garden owned by James Biddle (Ref:75) but is not shown on the voters list(Ref:76) because he did not own property over the required freehold value to attain voting status, a rule that was designed to keep the gentry in control of the country by excluding the majority of the population.

It is possible that after his brother's death in 1852 he moved into his house in New Row, as shown in the Court Rolls (Ref:55) (Ref:56). Ann, his wife died on 19th May 1876 (Ref:16). She is also shown in the Kenilworth Rate Books (Ref:75) as owning property in New Row which included a shop and brew house. They are buried together in grave 255 near the High St. gate of St. Nicholas churchyard (Ref:30) (Ref:72).

There are no details of the marriage between James & Ann

James & Ann are known to have had one or possibly two children as follows:

Elizabeth b.28th.Sept.1831 (Ref:01) . She married Joseph Lawrence on the 16th. July 1860 at St. Nicholas Church Kenilworth. (Ref:08)

Joseph Lawrence was a baker by trade as was his father Joseph. The Lawrence family lived in Pepper Alley Kenilworth at the time of the 1851 census when Joseph was 19 years old. After they were married Joseph and Elizabeth lived on castle Green opposite the gates of the ruined Kenilworth Castle.

Joseph and Elizabeth are not shown in the 1871 census. They were probably not in the village on the day of the census a theory supported by the fact that their children are shown staying with their grandmother, Ann Drury, in the census (Ref:58).

According to various census returns and documents we know that they had at least 8 children as follows:

Amy E. Lawrence     26th. Oct. 1862.
Anne E. Lawrence     30th. Dec. 1863.
Georgina Lawrence     11th. Dec.1864.
Francis Lawrence     1865.
Emily Lawrence     14th. Jan. 1866.
Joseph H. Lawrence     14th. May 1867
Laura Lawrence         13th. Sep. 1868.
Gertrude Louisa Lawrence  26th. Jan. 1870.

It is known that this family was visited by a cousin from Canada Elizabeth Bessie Drury, a daughter of Richard Drury, one of James's brothers who emigrated with his father, Joseph (Ref:31).

Ann Drury - An entry in the St. Nicholas burial register shows an Ann Drury, aged 9 months being buried 2nd. June 1830 (Ref:17). This child cannot be logically attributed to any other family branch of this period, although equally we cannot be sure exactly which family she was from.

St. Nicholas Church Kenilworth