Kenilworth Drury Family  
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James Drury
b.1799     d.1859
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James the second son of Joseph and Ann, was born on 29th. September 1799 (Ref: 01). He and his brother were left behind in England when his Father emigrated to Canada and times must have been very hard at times. In 1821, James is seen at the Michaelmas Assizes in Warwick (Ref:28) for assaulting a Tax Collector.

James was a comb maker, like his brother, and was married to Ann (b.1801) (Ref:16), however we have no details of the marriage. He appears to have changed occupation during later life as he is shown as a grocer in the 1841 census return (Ref:85).

They are known to have had one or possibly two children as follows ............ more

Marriage Details:
Joseph was married to Ann (b.1801)(Ref:16) - there are no details known about the marriage
Children Details:
Ann * b.1829m.n/kd.02/06/1830
Elizabeth * c.28/09/1831m.16/07/1860d.n/k

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