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Reginald W. L. Drury
b.1918     d.1980
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Reginald Walter Leslie Drury was the younger son of Joseph James and Ellen Drury. He was born 5th. November 1918 at 125, Kingston Rd. Coventry and attended Centaur Rd. school, now called Hearsall School, until he was eleven years old. He left there and went to Bablake Grammar School, now part of Coventry Schools, as a fee paying pupil. The fees were 3.0s.0d per term ( compared with 2000 per term in 1995) , and he remained there until the age of sixteen when he left and went to work at Brico Ltd., a firm specialising in the manufacture of pistons....... more

Marriage Details:

Reg married Vera May Hilton on 1st. March 1941,at Queens Rd. Baptist Church Coventry

Children Details:
Raymond b.26/01/1946m.29/06/1974d.
Derek b.11/08/1953m.21/08/1967d.



Relevant Documents:

Birth Certificate

Birth Reg. Certificate

School Reference

Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

Probate Grant and Will

Vera Drury's School Reference

Vera Drury - Death Certificate

Note to Florence Webb - 1871

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Reg & Vera Photos

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