Kenilworth Drury Family  
of Kenilworth  

Joseph Drury
b. ?     d.1703

An entry in the Marriages section of the parish register of St.Nicholas Church, Kenilworth for 1653 gives us our first confirmed member of the Kenilworth Drury Family.

Joseph Drury arrived in Kenilworth shortly after the Civil War had ended. There are no records of Kenilworth prior to this date in which the family name appears, however, there are very few records earlier than this register in any case. Where he came from and why he did not return there after the war will, I feel,always remain a mystery.

The parish records for 1653 record his marriage to Alice Cheslin with the ceremony being performed by Sir Simon Archer ....... more

Marriage Details:
Joseph married Alice Cheslin on 6th. November 1653 at St.Nicholas Church Kenilworth - ceremony performed by Sir Simon Archer (Ref: 12)
Children Details:
John c.08/05/1656m.03/10/1686d.08/10/1730
Joseph c.24/01/1657m.n/kd.n/k
Ann c.31/10/1660m.n/kd.n/k
Richard c.21/12/1662m.n/kd.19/03/1729
Patience c.29/02/1664m.n/kd.28/01/1689
James c.03/07/1667m.n/kd.16/06/1668
James c.01/01/1672m.n/kd.n/k
Daniel * c.25/03/1675m.n/kd.02/06/1676
Benjamin b.21/09/1676m.n/kd.21/10/1745
* New Years Day was 25/03 at this time.  

Documents / Pictures:

Extract from Parish register - William Best, vicar of St.Nicholas Church, writings 1716. (See Full Transcript)

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