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References 01-05

Date Year Name
18th. March 1772 Dority of Joseph & Hannah.
29th. June 1773 Joseph of Joseph & Hannah.
26th. July 1775 Elizabeth of Joseph & Hannah.
12th. Oct. 1775 Hannah of Joseph & Hannah.
1st. JuIy 1798 Joseph of Joseph & Ann.
29th. Sept. 1799 James of Joseph & Ann.
8th. Nov. 1801 William of Joseph & Ann.
18th. Dec. 1803 Thomas of Joseph & Ann.
4th. May 1806 Richard of Joseph & Ann.
22nd.Hay 1808 Ann of Joseph & Ann.
17th. June 1810 Edmund of Joseph & Ann.
18th. Oct. 1812 Elizabeth of Joseph & Ann.
27th. Dec. 1820 William of Joseph & Edith.
27th. Sept. 1826 Ann of Joseph & Edith.
28th. Sept. 1831 Edith of Joseph & Edith.
28th. Sept. 1831 Elizabeth of James & Ann.
16th. Nov. 1834 Hannah of Joseph & Edith.
13th. June 1847 James of William & Hannah.
4th. March 1849 Joseph of Wllliam & Hannah.
23rd.Oct. 1859 Ann of William & Ann.
19th.May 1860 Catherine of William & Hannah.
Page Date Entry
P.2 No.14  19th. May 1860 Hannah.Private - found to be christened shortly before death.
P.119 No.945 12th.Aug.1877 Susan Marion of Joseph &Sarah.
P.129 No.1027 13th. Oct.1878 William Thomas of Joseph &Sarah.
P.144 No.1147 8th. Oct.1880 Joseph James of Joseph &Sarah. (Birth Certificate No.234 gives the following information: Joseph James Drury born to Joseph Drury (Farm Labourer) and Sarah Drury ne.Smith.They lived at Mill End,Kenilworth.

  Entries found were identical to first four entries of Ref:01

Page Date Entry
P.37 29th. March 1730 James son of Joseph Drury
P.36 15th.June 1774 Joseph son of Joseph Drury
Date Entry
8th. May 1656 John of Joseph.
24th. Jan. 1657 Joseph of Joseph.
3lst. Oct. 1660 Ann of Joseph & Alice.
21st. Dec. 1662 Richard of Joseph & Alice.
29th. Feb. 1664 Patience of Joseph & Alice.
3rd. July 1667 James of Joseph.
1st. Jan. 1672 James of Joseph.
25th. Mar. 1675 Daniel of Joseph.
21st. Sept. 1676 Benjamin of Joseph.
16th. Oct. 1687 Joseph of John & Lydia *
20th. Feb. 1688 John of John & Lydia. *
1st. Sep. 1691 Patience of John & Lydia
1st. Dec. 1694 Ann of John & Lydia.
2nd. Feb. 1696 Daniel of John & Lydia.
2nd. Feb. 1698 Benjanin of John & Lydia.
20th. Feb. 1700 Elizabeth of John (Husbandman)
14th. Nov. 1703 Robert of John.
10th. May 1706 Joanna of John.
8th. Aug. 1708 Joanna of John
18th. Jan. 1710 James of John.

* These entries seem to be impossible, however, it should be remembered that prior to 1752, New Years Day was in fact 25th. March. Thus January, February and most of March follow on from the previous December.

The following entries were noted under a section tltled 'Dissentors'. These were from families who were of different religious belief and who would not have had their children christened. The vicar - in this case he kept exceptionally detailed records - kept a register of the births. Notice the names - christian names - are often omitted, perhaps as a matter of principle.

Date Entry
17th. July 1695 A daughter of Richard & Mary
6th. March 1698 A daughter of Richard & Mary
15th. March 1700 Son of Richard & Mary
11th. May 1703 James of Richard(Baker) & Mary
3rd. May 1705 Benjamin of Richard & Mary
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