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References 61-65

Certified Copy of birth of Ann Drury, born 4th. December 1851 in Kenilworth to William and Hannah Drury.

Note: In Ref. 01 there is an Ann christened on 23rd. 0ct.1859 with parents shown as William and Ann. This entry may be wrong and perhaps should have read Hannah, referring to the Ann Drury shown in this certificate, as we cannot attribute this elsewhere at this point.

Entry Details
Entry 1358 Drury Joseph s. of Joseph Drury of Kenilworth to Robert Warrington of Coventry, woolcomber, 20th.Feb. 1793.
Entry 1803 Goodman William, assigned from Thomas Drury and Richard Gilbert to Stephen Corbett and James Nutt of Coventry, silkmen, 16th. Oct.1800
Entry 1804 Goodman William s. of Thomas of Coventry, butcher to Thomas Drury and Richard Gilbert of Coventry, silkmen, 11th. May 1799
Entry 3985 Smith Joseph s. of William of St.Michaels Coventrv, mason, to William Drury, Richard Gilbert and Thomas Drury of Coventry, silkmen, 10th. Feb. 1787
Entry 4108 Stevenson William of Coventry age 14 to Thomas Drury, Richard Gilbert and John Townsend of Coventry, silkmen, 5th. March 1793
Entry 4357 Turner William, an infant of 15 years, to William Drury Richard Gilbert and Thomas Drury of Coventry, silkmen, 16th. Jan 1782
Kenilworth Drury References