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References 31-35

All Canadian records were supplied by Ruth Black, my fourth cousin once removed, who contacted me in 1985. Prior to this I had no idea that this branch of the family existed. All data for this tree was supplied by Ruth.

The Baptisms, Marriages and Burial registers were searched for the years 1860 - 1933 but no Drury records were found.

The Baptisms (1857 - 1907) and Marriages (1857 - 1933) registers were searched but no Drury records were found.There are no burials carried out at this church.

Glebe Terriers were church land records often showing tenants at the time of the survey. No Drurys were found.

These are actual transcripts of the Close Rolls which are kept in the P.R.O. London and deal with land ownership. No entries for Drury were found in these records.