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References 96-101

Drury Letter 1852
Near Barrie Nov. 20th 1852

Dear Brother and Sister we received your letter of the 1st inst on the 16th conveying to us the news of the death of our Dear Mother and that of my brother Joseph together with the ill health of yourself and wife which we were all very sorry to hear. The news of the death of my brother Joseph we received some time since by letter sent to my brother Edmund. Agreeable to your wish I have consulted my brothers Thos. and Edmund in what way they would want you to manage the affairs of our late parents - they wish me to write to you and request that you will be good enough to forward a full statement of affair the names of the Executors the names and number of the two families of Drury and Bishop the description of the property and probable value of it together with such other information as may seem you best. Edmund wishes me to say that he left a copy of the will given to him by his mother upon the mantelpiece at his mother's house and that he would be obliged if you would forward it to him. My brother Thos was about coming over to England the last summer but was prevented by press of business he thinks that it is very likely that he will see you in the course of next summer. Your sister would very much like to see you all again but wishes you would make up your minds to come over to see us and the Country. If any of Mrs. Manton's family of Warwick are living please let them know that Mrs Atkins formerly Anne Mortyboy is well and doing well and also Mr John Hewitt who came out with my brother Edmund is well and doing well. Edith and her husband are now living in the town of Barrie near to us working at the shoe making business. Nothing particular has happened since I wrote to my brother Joseph in March last. All our family are well hoping this will find you all the same. We remain your affectionate brother and sister.

PS please give our best to Mr Joseph and William Bishop and children and let us know how doing.R. Drury

Richard and Elizabeth Drury

Ann Bishop Marriage Cert

This shows the marriage of Ann Bishop (formerly Drury - wife of Joseph b.1773) to Alex. Sturley

There is no record of her marriage to Samuel Bishop but she did have a child by him - see below. The child - Sarah - was conceived whilst Joseph was imprisoned(see Joseph Drury b.1773).

Sarah Bishop Records

(Images supplied by: Ingrid Sokolosky, Canada)

Joseph Drury Criminal Records
Warwickshire Criminal Register 1807
Shows Joseph was convicted of Larceny at the Warwick Assizes in 1807 and sentenced to 12 months Imprisonment.
Joseph Drury Criminal Records
Warwickshire Criminal Register 1812
Shows Joseph was convicted of Larceny at the Warwick Assizes in 1812 (July Session) and sentenced to 7 years Transportation.
In fact he appears to have spent several years imprisoned on a prison ship (hulk) moored at Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth, called the Portland and then transferred to a prison hulk moored at Sheerness called Bellerophon
Prison Hulk Register 1912
Hulk Register 1812
Shows the conviction of Joseph Drury and that he was imprisoned on the Bellerophon, however, this prison hulk ship did not come into service until 1815 following a successful service in the Napoleonic Wars.
Prison Hulk Register 1916
Hulk Register 1816
Shows Joseph Drury being transferred from HMS Portland in Langstone Harbour on 7th. October 1815 to the newly fitted out prison hulk Bellerophon moored at Sheerness. The 150 prisoners, including Joseph, arrived on board the new ship on 16th October 1815.
Also shown on this record in the last column ('How and When Disposed') is the fact that Joseph Drury received a Full Pardon on 28th.April 1817. Unfortunately for him he would return home to find his wife pregnant by another man ( see Ref.97) - just when you think life is getting better ....... !
(Authors Note: The Wikepedia entry looks to be incorrect based on this evidence as it states that this ship did not come into service as a prison hulk until 1817)

Richard Smallbroke Doctor of Laws Vicar General of the right Reverend father in God James by divine right Local Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry To Mary Drury Spinster the material and lawful sister of William Drury late the Parish of Leamington Hastings in Coventry of Warwick and Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry deceased. Sendeth greetings whereas the said William Drury as is alleged died intestate a bachelor without parents. We therefore being desirous that the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased may be administered accordingly to law do by these presents ordain depute and contribute you the said Mary Drury administratise to administer aII the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased wheresoever they are or may be found within the Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry aforesaid by receiving whatsoever debts and credits did any way belong to him and by paying whatever the said deceased at the time of his death did owe so far as such goods chattels and credits will thereto extend and the law charges you and we require you to make a true inventory of all and singular the personal estate of the said deceased and a true account of your said administration and to exhibit the same into the registry of the said Bishop's consistory court at Lichfield (according to the terms of the oath you have taken) you are there unto lawfully required saving the right of every claimant Given under Seal of our office at Lichfield this fifth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four.
William Nutt D.Regr.

This is the last Will & Testament of one Mary Drury of Broadwell in the County of Warwick Spinster. I give devise and bequeath all my Messuages, lands, Tenements, Hereditainments and real Estate whatsoever and wheresoever And also all my goods chattels monies securities for money effects and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto George Watson of Napton in the County of Warwick Carpenter and Thomas Timms of Banbury in the County of 0xford Attorney at Law their heirs Executors and Administrators according to the nature and quality thereof respectfully Upon Trust that they the said George Watson and Thomas Timms or the survivor of them his heirs executors or administrators do and shall as soon as convenient may be after my decease sell and dispose of the whole of any real estate and so much of my personal estate as shall be of saleable nature in such manner as they or he shall think proper for the best price or prices that can be reasonably had or obtained for the sale. And Upon Further Trust that they my said Trustees or the survivor of them his executor or administrator do and shall receive the monies to arise from such a sale or sales as aforesaid do and shall get in and receive such part of any personal estate as shall not be of survivor of them his executor or administrator shall stand and be possessed of all the monies to arise from such sale or sales and to be got in and received aforesaid Upon the Trusts and for the ends and intent and purposes hereinafter mentioned expressed and declared of and concerning the same / that is to say / Upon Trust that they or he do and shall with all convenient speed thereout pay and discharge all and any just debts financial and testamentary expenses and after the several payments aforesaid do and shall divide the residue of all such monies into four equal parts and pay assign or transfer one fourth part thereof to my nephew John Watson of Cathorn in the county of 0xford farmer one fourth part thereof to my nephew Samuel Watson of Napton in the county of Warwick grassier one fourth part thereof to my neices Sarah the wife of Richard CoIe of Napton aforesaid gentleman and Elizabeth Hands of Staverton in the county of Northampton widow equally between them those and those alike As tenant in commerce and the remaining fourth part thereof to Mary Elizabeth Sarah Maria and Walter children of my late nephew Walter Watson and Sarah the widow of George Watson another child of my late nephew Walter Watson equally between them share and share alike as tenants in commerce Provided and this is my will is that the receipt and receipts of the said trustees or the survivor of them his heirs executors or administrators for the monies will from the sale of any said estate by virtue of the aforesaid trusts or for any other sum or sums of money which they or he shall be entitled to receive Under this any bill shall be an effectual discharge for the said monies or such part thereof as in receipt or receipts shall be acknowledged or expressed to be received and the person or persons paying the same to his heirs executors or administrators shall afterwards be liable to see to the application or be answerable for the misapplication thereof Provided also and I do further declare my will to be that the said trustees their heirs executors or administrators shall not be answerable the one for the other of them or for signing receipts for the sake of conformity of for any involuntary lots and that it shall be lawful for them and of the trust monies coming to their hands to reimburse themselves their costs and expenses in discharging the trusts hereby in them reposed And I appoint the said George Watson and Thomas Timms executor of this my last will hereby revoking all former wills by me made. I am witness thereof I the said Mary Drury have to the first sheet and this my last will and testament set my hand and to this second and last sheet my hand and seal this twenty eighth day of April in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty three.
Mary Drury & witnesses.

This shows some early Drury references in Warwickshire but no established links so far. Ref.101/p>

Drury References