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References 16-20

Date Entry
19th. October 1843. Ann Drury Age 82.
5th. October 1852 Ann Sturley Age 76.
2nd.August 1852 Joseph Drury Aged 54.
1st. February 1855 James Drury Aged 8
15th. February 1859 James Drury Aged 59.
29th.May 1850 Catherine Drury Aged 3.
30th. June 1871 Hannah Gill Aged 37.
19th.May 1876 Ann Drury Aged 75
1876 Hannah Drury Aged 52.
Date Entry
7th. May 1819 ( No. 280 ) Joseph Drury Aged 84
18th.September 1819 (No.299) Richard Drury Aged 68
25th. January 1820 (No. 318 ) Hannah Drury Aged 88
2nd. June 1830 ( No.865 ) Ann Drury Aged 9
18th.March 1831 (No.925) Elizabeth Drury Aged 2.5
9th.December 1835 (No. 1286) Ann Drury Aged 11
8th.July 1838 (No. 1453) James Drury Aged 1.5
5th.August 1838 (No. 1459) Edith Drury Aged 40
Date Entry
1st.Nov.1767 (P.11) William Drury (Infant)
24th. Sept.1775 Elizabeth Drury (Infant)
2nd.June 1777 Hannah Drury (Infant)
Date Entry
12th. Sept .1717 (P.275) Daniel son of John
19th.March 1729 (P.316) Richard Drury *
8th.Oct.1730 (P.319) John Drury *
24th.May 1742 (P.356) Rose Drury*wife of Richard
21st .Oct .I745 (Monday) (P. 378) Benjamin Drury *
29th.January 1746 (P381) Joseph Drury
31st.March 1748 (P.389) Robert Drury
13th.May 1750 (P.399) Sarah Drury
13th.February 1760 (P.457) Richard Drury

* Woolen Act affidavits present in the register.Burial in coffins were uncommon until late 18th.century. Prior to this bodies were wrapped in canvass, however, the Burying in Woollen Act forced the use of woollen shrouds in order to promote the wool industry. The cost of the shrouds was high and often the Act was evaded, hence the need for witnesses to ensure compliance.

Date Entry
16th. June 1668 James son of Joseph
2nd. July 1676 Daniel son of Joseph
28th. January 1689 Patience d/o Alice & Joseph
1lth. June 1698 Alice w/o Joseph Drury (Baker)
5th. July 1703 Joseph Drury (Baker)
31st. March 1707 Joanna d/o John Druryy
14th: June 1709 John son of Richard Drury
16th. June 1609 Mary wife of Richard Drury
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