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References 06-10

No Drurys found in this the oldest of the Parish Registers in existence.

In this register there is a very detailed account of how the civil war affected Kenilworth and how Cromwells men were billeted in St. Nicholas Church for a period of time.(See Transcript)

The vicar also carried out his own census of the village in which there are listed two Drury families. These were the families of John and Richard Drury. What a pity all vicars did not carry out this type of work.

Page Date Entry
P.127 No.254 22nd. May 1904 Susan Marion Drury to Arthur Frank Yardley (Toolmaker) Age 23.They lived at Albion St. , Kenilworth .Joseph , father of Susan was dead by this date.
Page Date Entry
P.16 No. 31 16th.JuIy 1860 Elizabeth Drury to Joseph Lawrence (Baker).
P.16 I.G.I 10th.Feb. 1872 Ann Drury to George Mills.
P.133 No.265 9th July 1876 Joseph Drury (Labourer) to Sarah Smith
Page Date Entry
Page 104 No.207 25th. Nov. 1845 Joseph Drury (Widower), conbmaker, to Elizabeth Trunkfield (+).
Page 110 No.219 13th. April 1846 William Drury, combmaker, to Hannah Eaves,servant.
Page 110 No. 406 26th. Jan.1854 Elizabeth Drury (Widow) (+) to William Smith.
Page 110 No. 471 12th. Feb. 1857 Hannah Drury (father Joseph) to Charles Henry Gill, plumber.
Page Date Entry
P.121 No.363 4th April 1831 Richard Drury to Elizabeth Bishop (she could not write)