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References 26-30

These are two leases of land owned by the Lucy Family of Charlecote showing that the land was leased to James Drury in 1754 and 7775.

This a survey of Odiborne Spring which adjoined Kenilworth Common. It states that the land was formerly owned by King Charles I. Part of this land was later owned by Joseph Drury (1735-1819).

This gives a very good account of Kenilworth's history. There are a few glimpses of the Drury family throughout the book. The most notable mention is that of James Drury (1799-1859) who was fined at the Michaelmas Session of Warwick Assizes in 1821 for assaulting a Tax Collector. (good man !!!)

Subsidies are Taxes levied at times when the reigning Monarch required monies for special causes - usually fighting wars. Only the very poor were exempt but were often still listed. They are very useful and show large numbers of householders by the Parish. However, they are horrendously difficult to read and I have already spent several dozen hours trying to get information out of these very old documents. (A session of reading these is usually followed by a trip to the optician ! ).The most useful ones are those taxes levied by the three successive Edwards to fight the Scottish Wars dating from 1294 to 1332 as they are relatively comprehensive and very well preserved.

Year Name Place Tax
1332 (Edward III) Robert Drury Wellesborne Mountford 2s. 0d.
1524/5 (Henry VIII) - None Found -
1550 (Henry VIII) - None Found -