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References 46-50

This document lists the freeholders and copyholders of the Manor and states their property. Richard Drury is mentioned and owned several properties in Kenilworth. The rent payable was also shown.The entry reads as follows:

Richard Drury and afterwards his widow:
A House and Garden formerly Bettys in the occupation of Richard Drury 1s.1d.
A House and Garden (heretofore part of late Councers formerly Courts) now in the tenure of Edward Riley & since of widow Drury 8d.
A House and Garden now divided into two tenements (heretofore Samuel Roberts ) now in the tenure of Robert Smith and Dorothy Smith 2d.

There is also a later entry made on a piece of paper and clipped inside which states that the property formerly Corbetts is now Drury - A house and garden (heretofore Thomas Greswold) in his own occupation.

This is a listing of rents payable. No properties are mentioned but it is obvious from the amounts paid that the properties concerned are those mentioned in Ref.46.

Years 1750 - 54 Richard Drury paid: 1s.1d.
Year 1776 Richard Drury's Executors paid: 1s.5d.

The 8d.payment was marked formerly Corbett. The total payment made was 3s 4d. and this amount was then shown against Widow Drury for the 1781/82 payments.

Tenants assessed for taxation according to the size of the land they owned. The entries were as follows:

Mrs. Doris Drury £0. 15s. 0d.
Jos. Drury £0. 2s. 0d.
John Drury £0. 5s. 0d.
Richard Drury £0. 6s. 9d.

This was carried out by the church wardens at the rate of 2d in the pound.

Robt. Drury 0s. 4d.
Joseph Drury 0s. 2d.

Assessed by T.Lucas, Richard Drury et others.