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The Kenilworth Drurys

Searched References 51-101

Ref.No. Item Comment
Ref:52Chief Rents Kenilworth Ladysday 1716 - 1726
Ref:53Abstract of Chief Rents 1650 - No Drurys Found
Ref:54Kenilworth Augmentation - May 1755No Drurys Found
Ref:55Kenilworth Manor Suit Rolls 1798 - 1841
Ref:56Kenilworth Manor Suit Rolls 1843 - 1860
Ref:57Kenilworth Census 1851
Ref:58Kenilworth Census 1871
Ref:59Kenilworth Census 1881
Ref:60Kenilworth Enclosures Awards
Ref:61Kenilworth Castle Letters 1640/45No Drurys Found
Ref:62Copy of Birth Certificate BXB 342750
Ref:63Dugdales Coventry Apprentices and their Masters 1781 - 1886
Ref:64Warwick Castle Garrison Payment Record May 1644-1655(London P. R. O. ref. 8101/612 264)No Drurys Found
Ref:65Kenilworth Survey 1650C.R.O Ref M1 /245)No Drurys Found
Ref:66Bishops Transcripts
Ref:67Wooten Wawen Parish Registers 1546-1700No Drurys Found
Ref:68Preston Baggot Parish Registers 1677-1720No Drurys Found
Ref:69Henley-in-Arden Parish Registers 1698-1710No Drurys Found
Ref:70Tythe Apportionment 1849(C.R.O. Ref.CR569/139)No Drurys Found
Ref:71List of Jurors 1570(C.R.O. Ref.M1/278)No Drurys Found
Ref:72Grave Records St. Nicholas Church Kenilworth 1843 - 1948
Ref:73Grave Records - Public Burial Ground - St. Nicholas Church Kenilworth 1887 - 1951
Ref:74Charlecote Parish Registers Christenings / Marriages 1544 to 1810
Ref:75Kenilworth Rate Books 1826 to 1865
Ref:76Kenilworth Voters List 1852(C.R.O. Ref.DR189/261)No Drurys Found
Ref:77Beaudesert Parish Registers 1663 - 1706(C.R.O. Ref.DR21/1)No Drurys Found
Ref:78Morton Baggot Parish Registers 1663 - 1704(C.R.O. Ref.DR274/1)No Drurys Found
Ref:79Bearley Parish Registers 1550 - 1647(C.R.O. Ref.DR135/1)No Drurys Found
Ref:80Wellesborne Parish Registers 1600 - 1630(C.R.O. m/film)No Drurys Found
Ref:81Snitterfield Parish Registers 1600 - 1640(C.R.O. DR134/1)No Drurys Found
Ref:82Radway Parish Registers 1600 - 1640(C.R.O. DR304/1)No Drurys Found
Ref:83Sherborne Parish Registers 1600 - 1705(C.R.O. DR134/1)No Drurys Found
Ref:84Tamworth-in-Arden Parish Registers1559 - 1700
Ref:85Kenilworth Census 1841
Ref:86Stratford-upon-Avon Parish RegistersBurials 1590-1650
Ref:87Stratford-upon-Avon Parish RegistersMarriages 1590-1650
Ref:88Stratford-upon-Avon Parish RegistersBaptisms 1590-1650
Ref:89Coventry St. John's Parish RegistersBaptisms 1865-1894
Ref:90I.G.I. Coventry St.John and Holy Trinity Parishes
Ref:91Will of John Drury Tanworth-in-Arden 1611
Ref:92Bishop'sTranscripts Warwick St.Mary1611-1630No Drurys Found
Ref:93Warwick St. Nicholas Parish Registers - Baptisms
Ref:94Warwick St. Nicholas Parish Registers - Marriages
Ref:95Canadian Land Petitions relating to the Joseph Drury (b.1773) and family1819
Ref:96Letter from Richard Drury20th. Nov. 1852
Ref:97Ann Drury Marriage Record3rd. Sept. 1835
Ref:98Conviction Records for Joseph Drury b.1773
Ref:99Transcript of Letter of Mary Drury 1804
Ref:100Transcript of Will of Mary Drury 1823
Ref:101Page 267 Dugdales Antquities of Warwickshire
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