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References 21-25

Hearth Taxes were levied during the reign of King Charles II and the population was taxed according to the number of hearths that their houses contained. The records are remarkably well preserved and are written on vellum (calf skin) rolls. They contain lists of householders at the time of the tax and give us a good insight into how wealthy a household was at that time. An average householder would have 2 hearths whereas some of the stately homes would have well ove 50 listed.

Year Name Place Tax
1662 Joseph Drury Kenilworth 2 hearths
1665 Joseph Drury Kenilworth 4 hearths
1666 Joseph Drury Kenilworth 5 hearths
1674 Joseph Drury Kenilworth 6 hearths, 1 oven
1674 Edward Drury Warwick Pauper
1674 Richard Drury Warwick Pauper

There were two other Drury families in Warwickshire at this time which were indexed incorrectly at the Warwick C.R.O. under the name Duzy. The families lived in Farnborough, Broadwell and Stratford at this time.

6th. June 1908 Joseph Drury, fitter, of 36 Cook St. , Coventry. Married to ElIen Crofts.

The name Drury is Old French in origin from 'druerie" meaning love friendship, sweetheart. It is probable that the Drurys originated from France and came across during or shortly after the Norman Conquest in 1066.

6th. June 1744. James Drury, son of Joseph of Kenilworth. Apprenticed to Edward Toone of Henley in Arden, Toolmaker, for 7 years commencing 20th.JuIy 1744. A fee of £12 was paid.