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Ref RD0d:   Richard Drury Will

The Warwick Documents

Ref RD0d: Last Will and Testament of Richard Drury 1759
(C.R.O. Ref: C.R.1886 / 6355)

Richard Drury appointed two trustees who were good friends of his. They were John Lancaster, a yeoman farmer from the village of Berkswell, and Thomas Collett, a currier from the City of Coventry.

To his trustees he left in trust all his property which consisted of at least five houses in Kenilworth and several in Warwick and all his goods and chattels. They were instructed to sell all and put the money into security which would yield interest. The interest was to be used to look after the children and to further their education.

When all the children had reached the age of twenty one the capital sum was to be divided equally between them all. Elizabeth, his wife, was to receive £500 from the sale of the goods and chattels provided she vacated the house in which the family were living and give up here claim to the estate. She was also required to enter into a bond so that should she remarry she would have to pay back £250 to the trustees.

This copy is dated and certified 27th. September 1791 but was dated 17th. Feb. 1759.

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