The Kenilworth Drury Family

For many years I have continued the search, started by my late father and myself in about 1979, for the roots of The Drury Family. My search has taken me through many periods in history and through countless dusty records. My search was started long before the advent of digital media, in fact it was started before the advent of the PC and the Internet so it was a case of slogging through the dusty archives for hours on end.

I have not completed my search and will continue to dig up the past and to keep a record of the present and hope to unfold from the dusty parchment of the past some secret time has forgotten. Perhaps these records will one day also be lost in the dusts of time and then perhaps our lives also will be reduced to one line entries in the forgotten volumes on the dusty shelves of the future.

Welcome to the Drury Family web site.